How to Handle Ceramic Resin for 3D Printers

How to Handle Ceramic Resin for 3D Printers

, by Kevin Park

Due to the recent development in dental 3D print resin, it is more important to know how to handle ceramic resins than before. 




Post Processing - Washing 

Due to ceramic, it you soak printed crowns in IPA more than 5 minutes, you will see white frost surface. 

  1. Wipe out first
  2. Brush down with IPA - any paint brush works well
  3. Check surface. If there is, the white frost will be removed with stain or glaze material. 
  4. Please check the manufacturer's manual or instructions for users, it is important to comply. 


Other consideration 

There are considerations to improve the printing quality. 
  1. Curing 
    - Increase strength 
    - For better shade and translucency 
    - Please follow the recommendation of the resin manufacturers
  2. Oxygen inhibition 
    - Increase strength 




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