Must-Have 3D Printer Accessories and Tools

Must-Have 3D Printer Accessories and Tools

, by Kevin Park

We understand the challenges and know what it takes to get the best results.
3D printing can have its trials and tribulations,
so it's important to know what you may need and have the right tools at the ready.
We put together a selection of tools that ensure you the best out of your 3D printing experience.
Funnel Filter with Nylon Mesh for resin filtering
 Paper filter filters debris from the resin to improve print quality.
We recommend to filter the resin in your tank when 1) A print has failed completely or partially 2) Pieces of cured resin are stuck to the bottom of your vat and/or 3) If particles are visible in the resin.
 Please use with a funnel, it will be better to handle resin. 
Funnel - Wikipedia
It sould be wide enough to hold a paper filter during resin tray cleaning.   
Trigger Sprayer for cleaning
Sprayer is a must to clean any of your tools that touches resin.
Fill it up with Isopropyl Alcohol 100%.
Electric Dust Blower for drying
Blower is a useful tool to dry your 3D printed objects after washing.
Also it is useful when you clean your machine.
Blowed model vs. natual dried model has different surface. 
Isopropyl Alcohol 95-100% for washing
Isopropyl alcohol is a widely used cleaning solvent and can clean many different pieces of equipment.
Similarly, it can be used in washing 3D printed objects and cleaning printing equipments.
It helps in cleaning resin spills as well.
FEP Film for resin tank
The FEP film is the double-layered and transparent foil installed in the rack attached to the resin tank.
It creates a clean way for the UV light to cure liquid resin during the whole printing process.
The FEP film requires replacement once it becomes bent, deformed, or perforated during printing or operation of the printer. Otherwise, the printer will not produce successful prints.
Little scratches and smudges that can appear on the FEP film surface do not influence the printing quality.
Therefore, when your printer starts to produce low quality objects and you notice irremovable signs of wear on the FEP film surface, replace the film according to the video below.
Paper Towel
Perfect to wipe down all your equipments.
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