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  • Sale -$108.90 Rodin™ Titan - High Impact (600g)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Titan - High Impact (600g)

    Rodin® Titan   Designed for full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures, Rodin® Titan retains the core composition of Rodin® Sculpture – a class II ceramic nanohybrid with analogous ceramic filler content. This innovative resin blends the impressive mechanical strength of its predecessor with a substantial increase in flexibility to achieve exceptional impact resistance. The modified flexural modulus of Rodin® Titan has been specifically tailored for printing full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures. Dental clinicians can confidently create high-quality tooth arches for split file denture designs, full monolithic dentures, and immediate screw-retained dentures. The exceptional aesthetics and durability synonymous with the Rodin® Sculpture name are upheld, making Rodin® Titan the ideal choice.   Key Features Swift Workflow: Titan’s formulation enables quick and accurate printing, streamlining chairside workflows, and providing professionals with reliable and swift delivery of products to their patients. Vita Shade Matching: Rodin® Titan is available in 6 sought-after vita shades (BL0, BL3, B1, A1, A2, and A3) providing clinicians with the versatility to replicate natural aesthetics, resulting in seamless integration with patients’ smiles. Natural Translucency: Rodin® Titan accurately mimics natural tooth translucency compared to leading competitors. Optimal Radiopacity: Ensures precise visualization of provisionals within the oral cavity, facilitating effective fit assessment and verification. Tailored Enhancements: Compatible with acrylic-based light-curable stain and glaze systems, such as the Rodin® Palette Naturalizing Kit.   Guides / Downloads Rodin® Titan Sales Sheet Rodin® Titan Instructions for Use


  • Sale -$108.90 Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 - High Strength (600g)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Sculpture 2.0 - High Strength (600g)

    Rodin® Sculpture 2.0   Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 is a monumental evolution of our crown and bridge ceramic-nanohybrid designed to transcend the standards of permanent dental restorations. This next-generation resin achieves unparalleled levels of flexural strength and ceramic filler content, redefining what can be achieved through 3D printing restorations. Featuring a massive increase in ceramic filler content of over 60%. The resin’s exceptional Biaxial Strength clocks in at over 200 MPa, far above the strength of other permanent crown and bridge resins.   Benefits and Features Exceptional Mechanical Strength: Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 offers superior resistance to wear and fracture sets new benchmarks in the ceramic-nanohybrid industry, providing patients with enduring long-term solutions. Unmatched Aesthetics: With a choice of 16 Vita Classic shades and 2 additional bleach shades, clinicians gain unprecedented customization options to craft each restoration to perfection, matching the patient’s unique smile effortlessly. ADA Approval for Permanent Restorations: Like its predecessor, Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 is predominantly ceramic-filled, making it eligible for 2023 ADA insurance code reimbursements, delivering substantial benefits to both practitioners and patients. Superior Radiopacity: Dental clinicians will appreciate Rodin® Sculpture 2.0’s exceptional radiopacity, guaranteeing superior X-ray clarity. This feature facilitates precise fit checking of printed restorations, elevating diagnostic accuracy to new heights. Elevated Aesthetics: For further aesthetic enhancements, Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 seamlessly pairs with acrylic-based light-curable stain and glaze systems, such as Rodin® Palette. This dynamic combination unlocks endless possibilities for fine-tuning the appearance of restorations.   Guides / Downloads Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 Sales Sheet Rodin® Sculpture 2.0 Instructions for Use


  • Sale -$88.00 Rodin™ Denture Base 2.0 (1kg) Rodin™ Denture Base 2.0 (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Denture Base 2.0 (1kg)

    Rodin® Denture Base 2.0   Rodin® Denture Base 2.0 is a biocompatible Class II material, is revolutionizing the creation of denture bases. With its improved flexibility, stability, and a diverse range of gingival shades, this advanced formula offers a new standard in denture fabrication, combining durability, aesthetics, and patient comfort. Rodin® Denture Base 2.0 stands at the forefront of dental innovation, offering a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and patient comfort. This advanced material is set to become the new benchmark in denture fabrication, catering to a diverse range of patient needs with its superior quality and customizable options.    Key Features: Expanded Shade Options: Now includes three additional gingival pigmentation shades—classic pink, light pink, and brownish-purple—broadening the spectrum to accommodate a wider range of patient diversity. Diverse Shade Selection: Offers a range of industry-standard shades, providing personalized solutions to match various patient preferences. Enhanced Durability: Superior flexural strength increases resistance to high-impact forces, ensuring the dentures are durable and long-lasting. Stable Printing: Improved print stability guarantees consistent, high-quality results in every production. Precision Accuracy: Delivers accuracy that rivals or surpasses milled dentures, ensuring an optimal fit and comfort for the wearer. Lustrous Finish: Specially engineered for ease of polishing, maintaining a sustained high-shine for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Pleasant Patient Experience: Formulated to eliminate offensive odors or tastes, enhancing overall patient comfort during wear.   Rodin® Denture Base 2.0 Shades Original Pink 23860                        Classic Pink 23864   Light Pink 23862                             Meharry 23861     More Information: Instruction of Use Workflow Video  


  • Sale -$55.00 Rodin™ Try-In (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Try-In (1kg)

    Rodin® Try-In   Try-In –an ideal, low-cost solution intended for producing Try-In denture models prior to printing the final denture base and teeth. Verify digital designs and intraoral fit checks prior to fabricating temporary or permanent digital fixed restorations and Provisionals. Rodin Try-in is shaded in off-white to help practitioners identify details and characteristics of contours and anatomy while minimizing blinding effects that a pure white shade produces. Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.     Product Specifications Material: Try-In denture models Size: 1KG Applications: Diagnostic models, denture try-in, AOX try-in, full crown try-in, and bridge try-in.  


  • Sale -$55.00 Rodin™ Bite Tray (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Bite Tray (1kg)

    Rodin™ Bite Tray Custom Bite Tray Resin – is a robust, highly filled resin designed for printing custom bite trays and impression trays. Strong, reliable, and resisting breakage at thinnest cross-section points (2mm minimum thickness is highly recommended). Capable of enduring significant vacuum forces when pulling impressions from the mouth. Designed to be transparent and colored appropriately to allow for ease of visual confirmation when applying direct adhesives to bite trays. Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.     Product Specifications Material: biocompatible Class I dental material Size: 1KG Applications: Custom tray, standard impression trays.     Guide / Downloads Rodin® Bite Tray Resin Instructions for Use


  • Sale -$77.00 Rodin™ Splint 2.0 (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Splint 2.0 (1kg)

    Rodin® Splint 2.0   Rodin® Splint 2.0 is at the forefront of dental resin technology, offering unmatched stability, strength, and wear resistance. Precisely engineered for 3D printing of dental splints, night guards, retainers, and snoring devices, this resin is the ideal choice for patients experiencing severe bruxism, night grinding, or snoring issues. Its superior physical properties ensure both effectiveness and longevity. Rodin® Splint 2.0 represents the pinnacle of dental resin innovation, combining functionality, durability, and patient comfort in one advanced solution, suitable for a wide range of dental applications. Key Features: Superior Durability: Rodin® Splint 2.0 is crafted with a unique formula that enhances hardness, guaranteeing a product that withstands the test of time. Optimized for Bruxism and Snoring: Tailor-made to combat the challenges of clenching, grinding, and snoring, this resin offers exceptional resistance to wear, making it ideal for patients with bruxism or those in need of snoring mitigation. Crystal Clear Aesthetics: With its optically transparent composition, Rodin® Splint 2.0 ensures a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance, blending seamlessly with the natural look of teeth. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Designed with patient experience in mind, this resin is free from unpleasant odors and tastes, ensuring comfort during use.   Product Specifications Applications: Corrective NTI (nociceptive trigeminal inhibitor) appliances, corrective sleeping appliances, TMJ Splints, night guards. Size: 1.0 kg Bottle, 3.25″ Diameter x 9″ Height Color: Translucent   More Information: Instruction of Use Workflow Video  


  • Sale -$55.00 Rodin™ Surgical Guide 2.0 (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Surgical Guide 2.0 (1kg)

    Rodin® Surgical Guide 2.0   Rodin® Surgical Guide 2.0 is a breakthrough in the field of dental surgical guides, offering unmatched flexural strength and durability. Specifically engineered for printing both full-arch and quadrant surgical guides, this high-performance resin is designed to withstand the rigors of surgical procedures, ensuring maximum shatter resistance and maintaining dimensional stability even under high temperatures. Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0 sets a new standard in dental surgery, combining advanced material science with practical design considerations. This resin not only offers superior performance but also ensures patient safety and comfort, making it an essential tool for modern dental practices.    Key Features: Superior Strength and Durability: With its enhanced flexural strength, Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0 is built to resist shattering, providing reliable performance during critical surgical procedures. Optimized Visibility: The resin is distinctly colored to create a stark contrast with natural teeth, facilitating easy verification of implant positioning and ensuring that guides are fully seated. Autoclave Compatibility: Uniquely engineered to maintain dimensional stability under high temperatures, this material is ideal for autoclave sterilization, ensuring that each surgical guide is sterile and ready for patient use. Pleasant Patient Experience: Formulated to be free from offensive odors or tastes, enhancing comfort for patients during surgical procedures.   Product Specifications Applications: Implant positioning guides Size: 1.0kg Bottle, 3.25″ Diameter x 9″ Height    


  • Sale -$55.00 Rodin™ Ortho IBT (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Ortho IBT (1kg)

    Rodin™ Ortho IBT Indirect Bonding Tray Resin – is a filled resin designed for printing indirect bonding trays. Bonding trays easily flex and retain to natural dentition to allow for quick positioning of orthodontic brackets. Bonding tray transparency allows for handheld UV light sources to penetrate to tack cure light curable cements. Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.     Product Specifications Material: Flexible yet durable material Size: 1KG Applications: Single crown framework, bridge framework, anatomical tops, full contour crowns, partial denture frameworks.  


  • Sale -$55.00 Rodin™ Castable (1kg) Rodin™ Castable (1kg)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Castable (1kg)

    Rodin™ Castable Resin Castable Resin – is a specifically designed burnout material for use with lost adequately -cast wax techniques. Maintains dimensional integrity up to the point of material ignition. Ash free burnout for both rapid high temp and longer low temp burnout schedules. Non sweating – wax compatible for corrective adjustments and sprueing applications. Compatible for use with both gypsum and phosphate investment systems.   Product Specifications Material: Sculpture ceramic nanohybrid Size: 1KG Applications: Single crown framework, bridge framework, anatomical tops, full contour crowns, partial denture frameworks.   More Information: Rodin® Castable Resin Instructions for Use Instruction of Use


  • Sale -$12.10 Rodin™ All-Purpose Glaze 15g Rodin™ All-Purpose Glaze 15g

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ All-Purpose Glaze 15g

    Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze   Product Benefits and Features: Enhances characterization for a wide range of dental applications, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, dentures, and all-on-x Provisionals. Enhances translucency for 3D printed corrective oral appliances and implant positioning surgical guides. Seals and repairs micro-fractures resulting from support removal and finishing processes. User-friendly application enables increased productivity. Provides best-in-class wear resistance for long-lasting results. Exhibits low water sorption and resistance to discoloration, ensuring durability. Available in 15g and 60g configurations to suit various professional needs.   Product Descriptions Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze is a biocompatible, Class II, light-curable resin meticulously designed for external surface characterization of various dental materials, such as prefabricated teeth and denture base resins. This versatile glaze is suitable for both direct and indirect dental restorations made from hybrid ceramic, PMMA, and acrylic-based dental composite materials. Furthermore, Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze enhances the translucent optical effect of 3D printed materials which can be useful in a wide range of applications. Dental professionals can purchase Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze individually or as part of the comprehensive Rodin® Palette Kit, catering to their specific requirements. This innovative glaze seamlessly integrates with Rodin resin substrates, eliminating the necessity for manual polishing and reducing production time. For optimal performance, it is highly recommended to apply Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze to 3D printed substrates in green state and light cure under a nitrogen atmosphere to fully cure. All of the Rodin® 3D Resin printing materials are FDA-registered medical devices and have been successfully tested for biocompatibility. Rodin Glaze- Rodin Glaze resin is a biocompatible, Class II, light-curable resin for extra oral surface characterization of prefabricated teeth and denture base resins.    Guide / Downloads Rodin® All-Purpose Glaze Resin Instructions for Use


  • Sale -$77.00 Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit

    Rodin® Palette Naturalizing Kit   Introducing the Rodin® Palette Naturalizing Kit a groundbreaking dental light curing staining system designed to elevate the characterization process for dental professionals. This state-of-the-art kit offers unparalleled control and precision, enabling users to achieve exceptional esthetic results. Available in a diverse range of shades, dental professionals can effortlessly customize restorations, ensuring a perfect blend with patients’ dentition and resulting in a seamless, stunning smile.   Product Features and Benefits: Comprehensive color selection empowers users to precisely characterize and color-match restorations and provisional appliances. Provides best-in-class wear resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance. Demonstrates low water sorption and resistance to discoloration for enduring esthetic results. Optimized for use with light curing systems in conjunction with a nitrogen atmosphere, maximizing durability and abrasion resistance.   Shades: A Base B Base C Base D Base Cream White Yellow Violet Blue Magenta Pink Red Dark Brown Orange Brown Guide / Downloads Rodin® Glaze Palette Instructions for Use


Rodin™ 3D Resin by Pac-Dent

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