J5 DentaJet 3D Printer

J5 DentaJet 3D Printer

Load one tray and walk away

J5 DentaJet™ is versatile and powerful dental 3D printer for medium to large dental labs. Designed to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and create more dental parts with less handling — all with the precision, accuracy, and realism you can expect from Stratasys.

Accuracy and Full Color Realism​

  • Mixed application production​

    Mixed application production​

    Print up to five different resins in a single job, produce what you need when you need it.​

  • Full Color printing ​

    Full Color printing ​

    Full color prints that communicate the true aesthetic possibilities.​

  • Level up production​

    Level up production​

    Deliver on a wide array of cases with speed and efficiency​

  • Smart Factory Set-up​

    Smart Factory Set-up​

    GrabCAD Print integrate Stratasys dental printers into aa single software platform.​

The J5 DentaJet - load one tray and walk away.

Watch to learn how the Stratasys J5 DentaJet is the all-around compact 3d dental model printing powerhouse for dental labs in this exclusive video. You’ll learn how a single mixed-tray print can create more dental parts — with fewer changeovers — with precision, accuracy, and realism.

Production made compact​

Designed with a larger print tray to create more parts in a compact, lab-friendly environment, and multi-material printing, the DentaJet is like having three printers in one — print an implant case with a rigid opaque model, a soft gingiva mask and a biocompatible transparent surgical guide, or print an RPD framework in a castable material together with the patient model. 

True Aesthetics Made Possible​

Harness the full capabilities of the only dental printer able to create highly realistic replicas of the patient’s mouth or print a monolithic, polychromatic dentures or temporaries in a variety of shades simultaneously.

A dental solution to suit every need

  • Implantology


    Accurate printing for implantology case production.​ Rigid models, transparent surgical guides, and soft gingiva masks— all on one biocompatible tray — in a single, unattended print job. ​

  • Removables


    Aesthetics and precision, in a monolithic polychromatic denture withTrueDent resin matching a varied patient demographic on​ one tray.

  • Crown and Bridge

    Crown and Bridge

    Manufacture large volume of higher-quality crown and bridge models with fewer remakes. Leverage realistic color models to improve color matching of restorations with increased accuracy. ​

  • Orthodontics


    Increase your lab capacity offering 3D printed indirect bonding trays or producing clear aligners from 3D printed arches in high-speed mode.


  • "The J5 DentaJet is the only dental 3D printer able to create highly realistic replicas of the patient’s mouth — we are able to color match a model precisely through the large color palette of the printer"

    5/5 Karl-Heinz Nee, founder of Nee Zahntechnik

PolyJet Dental Resins​

Stratasys developed a unique portfolio of dental resins that delivers a significant value for each application. Our biocompatible resins are developed for printing at production speed while maintaining high accuracy. Resins cure during the printing cycle and do not require additional post-processing.​

  • TrueDent™


    FDA-cleared (Class II) resin developed for 3D printing of dentures and temporary crowns and bridges

  • Biocompatible VeroGlaze™ MED620™​

    Biocompatible VeroGlaze™ MED620™​

    Rigid, opaque dental resin with high dimensional stability and accuracy. Developed for printing models, as well as custom impression trays and try-ins.

  • Biocompatible Clear MED610™​

    Biocompatible Clear MED610™​

    Transparent rigid biocompatible dental resin featuring high dimensional stability. Intended for printing surgical guides and removal partial denture casting patterns.​

  • Flexible Clear Biocompatible MED625FLX™ ​

    Flexible Clear Biocompatible MED625FLX™ ​

    Flexible transparent biocompatible dental resin intended for printing orthodontic independent bonding trays and implant gingival masks. ​

  • VeroVivid Color​

    VeroVivid Color​

    Rigid translucent colors creating realistic replicas of patient teeth and gums.

  • VeroDent PureWhite DEN847™ ​

    VeroDent PureWhite DEN847™ ​

    Bright white color photopolymer, intended for printing restorative and orthodontic models. ​

  • SUP711™​


    Gel-like support material specially designed to uphold overhangs and complicated geometries​

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