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  • ABS Impression Trays

    Leepac ABS Impression Trays

    Made of high quality ABS material High impact Polystyrene to ensure stability and accurate results without distortion Bur free  Deliver superior result  Style - upper, lower, up right/ low left, up left/ low right and anterior Upper and lower available in size  - small, medium and large 12 impression trays per bag

  • Disposable Flouride Foam Tray

    Leepac Disposable Flouride Foam Tray

    Dual arch foam, special design, increase surface coverage Comfort, reduce overflow Available in size - large, medium and small  50 flouride foam trays per bag

  • Disposable Impression Trays

    Leepac Disposable Impression Trays

    8 in stock

    Rigid plastic frame, ergonomically designed handles for easy seating and removal Made of high impact polystyrene to ensure stability and accurate results without distortion Size - small, medium, large, up right/ low left and up left/ low right Style - upper and lower 12 impression trays per bag

    8 in stock


  • Disposable Plastic Dappen Dish

    Leepac Disposable Plastic Dappen Dish

    Designed for quick and easy mixing of all materials  Often used for prophy and fluoride treatments as well as for mixing composite fillings, acrylics, cements and amalgams. Single-use dappen dishes saves time Available in colour - yellow, white, blue and pink 100 plastic dappen dishes per box

  • Dry Tips

    Leepac Dry Tips

    Excellent saliva absorption capacity No loose fibres Flexible and stay in place to accommodates to cheek movements 50/box

  • Dynamic Mixing Tips Dynamic Mixing Tips

    Leepac Dynamic Mixing Tips

    For use with automatic impression Material mixing system Compatible with Penta Machines Red / Yellow tips 48 mixing tips per bag

    $19.80 - $22.00

  • Glass Dappen Dishes

    Leepac Glass Dappen Dishes

    Dappen dishes made out of glass Easy to clean Four assorted colours Do not autoclave 12 glass dappen dishes per box Buy 3 Get 1 Free - While stock last!


  • Glass Mixing Slab

    Leepac Glass Mixing Slab

    Used to mix dental materials prior to application 124 x 78 x 7 mm


  • Impressions Mixing Tips Impressions Mixing Tips

    Leepac Impressions Mixing Tips

        High performance mixing tips  Precise and easy dispensing 48 Impressions Mixing Tips per bag  

  • Intra-Oral Syringe Tips Intra-Oral Syringe Tips

    Leepac Intra-Oral Syringe Tips

      Fits with universal mixing tips Tips provide precise placement 100 intra-oral syringe tips per bag Clear curved and flat tips - 50 intra-oral syringe tips per bag   - Various Colours to choose from    1. Clear - Small opening, Fits teal & pink mixing tips, 100/bag  2. Clear - Curved fits brown, Core build up mixer, 50/bag  3. Clear (Flat tips), 50/bag  4. Yellow - Fits 4.2mm, Blunt mixing tips, 100/bag  5. Pink, 100/bag  6. Teal, 100/bag

  • Mixing Bowl

    Leepac Mixing Bowl

    Flexible mixing bowl For effective mixing of alginates and plasters Size - large


  • Mixing Wells

    Leepac Mixing Wells

    Light-weight plastic Economical wells ideal for adhesive, activators, opaquers and all materials dispensed in small quantities Prevent confusion when using more than one material 200 mixing wells per box

    $26.00 - $32.00

  • Spatula

    Leepac Spatula

    Special design, hollow type Ideal for mixing plaster or impression material Colour - blue Type - hollow Buy 5 Get 2 Free


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