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  • Design Service - HeyGears Design Service - HeyGears

    Heygears Design Service - HeyGears

    ***This is not a selling product, please DO NOT purchase this product.  Start Your own Design Work With Us! Click here to open an account with us!  Australian preferred design  Personalised parameter settings every time No pirate software  Turnaround time 24 hours    Crown/Bridge, Anterior Aesthetic, Digital Smile Design, Diagnostic Wax-up, Custom Abutment, Bar, All-on-X, Implant Immediate Restoration, Maryland Bridge, Night Guard, Splint, Surgical Guide, Clear Aligner, Indirect Bonding Tray, Denture, Partial Denture Frame, Individual Tray and more in 24 hours or rush 2 hours Quality Standards & Premium Service 24 hours turn around time Professional 200+ Full-time Dental Designersby30% of 5+ Years of Experience10% of 10+ Years of Experience   Click here to open an account! Click here to go to the design portal!   


  • Sale -$2,200.00 DOF Craft 5X - All-in-One Milling Machine DOF Craft 5X - All-in-One Milling Machine

    DOF DOF Craft 5X - All-in-One Milling Machine

    DOF Craft 5X - All-in-One Milling Machine No Limitation and No Restriction Built in PC Built in Compressor Built in Dust Extractor Built in Water Pump           Click here to see more of DOF CRAFT 5X   5-AXIS Simultaneous Milling Machine90 Degree MillingOpen C-clap HolderX, Y and Z axis and A and B rotating axis can mill discs in 360 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise. Wet & Dry Compatible MillingIt is available to choose a milling method for materials with wet and dry compatible milling.In addition, waterproof function prevents remaining humidity from permeating into milling area. Sturdy & low-vibrationRegardless of its compact size, the internal structure of steel components deliver optimal milling speeds and durability. Powerful MotorClosed Loop SystemIt is provided with a device that can remember numbers of a motor’s rotations that it prevents stepping out itself. Based on the stable motor, any materials can be milled. Onboard ComputerA touch screen and a built-in computer are equipped.The machine control software has an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily use. High Quality SpindleDurable Jäger spindle, which features up to 100,000 RPM and maximum power of 700 W, can mill hard materials stably. StorageThe table provides a storage that milling accessories can be neatly stored. SThe table provides a storage that milling accessories can be neatly stored. Separate storage is not necessary. Automatic Tool Changer15 tools capacity for all materials - Titanium, Glass Block, Zirconia and others.Accuracy, Convenient, Use Monitoring will be guaranteed.         

    $69,300.00 - $82,500.00

  • Sale -$69.30 Everest Zirconia Multilayer PT (1150-1250Mpa) 45% Translucency Everest Zirconia Multilayer PT (1150-1250Mpa) 45% Translucency

    UNC International Everest Zirconia Multilayer PT (1150-1250Mpa) 45% Translucency

    Market Share No. 1 in Korea!     PT has strength for special cases, please call us before order to check stock availibility.  Everest Multilayer, composed four-layer structure, have high level colour matching with a VITA Classical Shade Guide.   BL0 & BL3 + 16 Classic VITA Shades 43 - 45% Translucency  1150 - 1250 Mpa Strength          UNC Zirconia / Furnace Brochure

    $161.70 - $277.20

  • Sale -$59.40 (Permanent) G-CAM - Graphene Nano Reinforced Biopolymer (Carbon) (Permanent) G-CAM - Graphene Nano Reinforced Biopolymer (Carbon)

    Graphenano (Permanent) G-CAM - Graphene Nano Reinforced Biopolymer (Carbon)

    - Perfect Option to save antagonist natural dentition - Shock Absorption Material on All-on-X- 'Mill & Issue' Product- Polishing or Curing Post Process The biopolymer discs nanoreinforced with G-CAM graphene feature an increase in flexibility and superficial hardness. Their specific weight is the same as natural dentition. They allow for an even distribution of the chewing load and the absorption of external occlusal loads.  Specific material for final dental prothesis. Available in a wide chromatic range, according to the VITA Classical guide (9 colours). *The colour samples may differ from the actual product. **Special thickness up to 30 mm are available upon request.   TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS  Elastic modulus: 3200 ± 7% MPaBending strength: 140 ± 7% MPaSurface hardness: 88 ShoreWater absorption: 4 μg/mm3Residual monomer: <0,004 %   PACKAGING DIMENSIONS 11 x 10.5 x 4.5 cm   AVAILABLE FORMATS Multichroma   AVAILABLE THICKNESS from 14 mm   AVAILABLE DIAMETERS 98.5 mm   COLORIMETRY The colorimetry, based on the VITA Classical guide, is not only limited to intermediate colours but also allows for more colours to be obtained using light-curing surface makeup in laboratories.   RESEARCH DATA / CLINICAL ARTICLE AVAILABLE / DESIGN PARAMETERS Please click here to see the cementation guide.  Please click here to download the G-CAM data pack. Please click here to download the G-CAM brochure. Please click here to see the design/milling guidelines.  

    $336.60 - $411.40

  • Sale -$2,420.00 (Chairside Bundle) Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer System (Chairside Bundle) Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer System

    Ackuretta (Chairside Bundle) Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer System

    Ackuretta 3D Printer Bundle Offer  The chairside bundle includes following items;   Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer including the Concierge Service and 2 Year Warranty Cleani - Washer with two tanks Curie - Versatile UV Curing Oven Alpha Slicing Software Pac-Dent Rodin resin x 1 (Choose one!)  Remote installation Ongoing training until you utilize the Ackuretta solution 100%  Free Study Group (The Bread & Butter Digital Dentistry - B2D2) for a year!     


  • Sale -$108.90 Rodin™ Titan - High Impact (600g)

    Pac-Dent Rodin™ Titan - High Impact (600g)

    Rodin® Titan Designed for full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures, Rodin® Titan retains the core composition of Rodin® Sculpture – a ceramic nanohybrid with analogous ceramic filler content. This innovative resin blends the impressive mechanical strength of its predecessor with a substantial increase in flexibility to achieve exceptional impact resistance. The modified flexural modulus of Rodin® Titan has been specifically tailored for printing full arch restorations and provisional hybrid dentures. Dental clinicians can confidently create high-quality tooth arches for split file denture designs, full monolithic dentures, and immediate screw-retained dentures. The exceptional aesthetics and durability synonymous with the Rodin® Sculpture name are upheld, making Rodin® Titan the ideal choice.   Key Features Swift Workflow: Titan’s formulation enables quick and accurate printing, streamlining chairside workflows, and providing professionals with reliable and swift delivery of products to their patients. Vita Shade Matching: Rodin® Titan is available in 6 sought-after vita shades (BL0, BL3, B1, A1, A2, and A3) providing clinicians with the versatility to replicate natural aesthetics, resulting in seamless integration with patients’ smiles. Natural Translucency: Rodin® Titan accurately mimics natural tooth translucency compared to leading competitors. Optimal Radiopacity: Ensures precise visualization of provisionals within the oral cavity, facilitating effective fit assessment and verification. Tailored Enhancements: Compatible with acrylic-based light-curable stain and glaze systems, such as the Rodin® Palette Naturalizing Kit. Guides / Downloads Rodin® Titan Sales Sheet Rodin® Titan Instructions for Use Resin Printing Profiles: Click here to check the validated settings. 




    VITA AKZENT® LC STANDARD KIT VITA AKZENT LC is a light-curing stain and glaze system used for characterizing all indirect restorations made of composite, polymer and hybrid ceramic. Features/Benefits Reliable reproduction of all the shade facets of natural dentition, thanks to a wide range of brilliant effect stains Simple realization of shade modifications with a brush stroke, using chroma shades for plannable, systematic control of the chromaticity of dental restorations Apply individual shade effects with pinpoint accuracy and apply shades highly efficiently over a large area, thanks to effect and chroma stains with ideally matched viscosities  Produce restorations with consistently brilliant shade rendering and high gloss stability, thanks to stains with good wear and discoloration resistance Q'ty Content Material 6 2.5ml VITA AKZENT LC EFFECT STAINS white, orange, russet, khaki, blue, grey-blue 1 5ml VITA AKZENT LC GLAZE 1 25ml VITA AKZENT LC CLEANER 1   VITA Mixing palette white porcelain with lid, 5,5 x 3,5 cm 1 25pcs VITA ADIVA Microbrush 1   Brush No. 1 correction brush, red marten 1   Flat brush for CHROMA STAINS Additional information Click here to see product details and download     Related video, VITA AKZENT LC Gingival Characterization Techniques        


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