Dental Milling VS. 3D Printing?

Dental Milling VS. 3D Printing?

, by Kevin Park

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I wish I have more time to talk about Dental Milling and 3D Printing, but this time I would like to share considerations in order to understand two most important Computer-Aid-Manufacturing (CAM) methods. 
- Dental Milling and 3D Printing

We will have clear ideas which one can provide more better and suitable solutions to improve your workflow. 

(DOF Craft 5X and DentaFab SEGA3D) 

Accuracy, Speed, Material Characteristics will be important to understand Dental CAM. 

Consideration #1. SPEED
Speed is more important to become  a good chairside solution, 3D printer will win always in speed.
Milling is a way of carving from blank and we will have milled crowns as a result of milling tools X,Y and Z movements.  
So, milling time is a matter of the surface area of an object.


Other hands, 3D Printing* is a process of light layers exposures on a build plate.
(*We are talking about popular Resin 3D Printers - Stereolithography (SLA) or Digital Light Process (DLP))
After light exposure, a build plate will move to Z axis. 
So, 3D printing time is a  matter of height of a object. 

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