When is the End? Covid19

When is the End? Covid19

, by Kevin Park


Sorry... The answer is no... 

Most of people agree that there will not be the end of Covid-19. We have to find a way 'With Corona'. 

I am not an analyst, but I would like to share my idea with hope that this might be helpful for you. 


 **Data on 24 September 2021


Prepare 'After Lock down'... 

  • Sudden Patients Rush will be expected
  • Hard to find good dental technicians to hire
  • Product Back Order (due to supply and logistic issue)  
  • Late Product Delivery (due to high volume of e-shopping)
  • Product Price Increase (Inflation pressure & logistics cost)


Short Term Plan...

  • Get Vaccinated, Follow the Safe Guideline (Click here to see) 
  • Keep Proper level of product / material stock
  • Review your workflow efficiency
  • Make calls to your dentists for tight relationship 


Long Term Plan...

  • Improve Your Workflow 
    - Time 
    Consuming Work  and Job Quality 
  • Embrace Digital Workflow
    - Intra Oral Scanners are getting popular (estimated >25% )
  • Provide More Services 
  • Improve Communication Method 
    - Try Exocad webview feature
    Dentists / Patients can see your work with 3D view on any devices
    Click here to see webview sample


If you cannot see, please copy the below link and paste to your web browser. 
The webview link can be seen on any device, click and try! 



*This article wrote on 26/09/2021. It might be better to find other updated information. 


We will do our best to support you as we have been doing. 

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