Creality Halot-SKY 4K 3D Printer - Starting Guide

Creality Halot-SKY 4K 3D Printer - Starting Guide

, by Kevin Park


Resin 3D Printing Explained in 30 Seconds! ūü§©

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How to sand the build plate
 - Press down lightly on the build plate as evenly as you can and slide it away from you.
 - Lift the plate off the sandpaper, bring it back to you, and repeat few times.
Take a look at the buildplate. You should see the high spots as the parts showing scratches and the low spots should be untouched and a clearly different finish.
 - Rotate the build plate 90 degrees and repeat the process.
 - Continue rotating the build plate until you have sanded in each direction.
 - Clean away any dust from the build plate.
 - Inspect the sanded surface and look for unsanded areas. Continue the sanding process until these disappear.
 - You have to do Z-axis calibration (Zero levelling) after this. 

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1. Unboxing Wash/Curing Unit (UW-02)
Click here to see the product... 




2. Unboxing Halot-SKY 4K Printer
Click here to see the product...

 - Short unboxing video 


 - Detail explained unboxing video 


Z Axis Calibration (levelling)



 3. Download Software

 - Halot-Box Software 
 -Click here to download...  
- If you need training for the slicer software, please contact us.  



4. Remote Printing Set Up

 - On the Halot-SKY menu 'Printing Settings >> Camera Monitor >> Turn ON >> Set password
 - On your computer, please choose 'Remote Printing'
 - Choose your printer, type in the password 



5. Additional informaiton 

 - Must-have tools for 3D Printing 
   Click here to see the post.  


- Cleaning process after printing fail  


- Resin tray film replacement 


- Other service related videos playlist 




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