(Fully Booked) 3D Print Training Course - Screw It, I'll Just 3D Print It! (ADA NSW CPD)

(Fully Booked) 3D Print Training Course - Screw It, I'll Just 3D Print It! (ADA NSW CPD)

, by Kevin Park

Screw it - I

Screw it - I'll just 3D print it!

Maximise the benefits of 3D printing!

Dentistry is in an exciting time as it heads to a more digital realm, and a part of this involves the rapidly developing field of 3D printing. Join this course to learn how to integrate additive 3D printing technologies into your practice safely, saving both time and money.

Join this hands-on course to explore the many benefits which 3D printing can bring to your dental practice, such as printing study models, wax up models or even DIY aligner models. In addition, practice TGA-approved techniques to develop even more advanced objects such as printing and post-processing occlusal splints, temporary crowns and bridges, and surgical guides.

In addition, experience basic software strategies from design considerations, digital file preparation, nesting and supporting, through to printing, washing and curing processes.

Of course, with starting any new skill, mistakes will be made and failures will be encountered. To best prepare you, this course will cover common errors and mistakes and provide you with steps to take to prevent these from happening or to remedy the situation.

Lastly, meet directly with multiple 3D printer distributors themselves to learn how specifically they can help you make your 3D printing journey as seamless as possible.


Topics Include

  • 3D printers - what types are there and what is the technology behind them
  • The armamentarium - equipment you need to get started 
  • From intraoral scan to 3D-printed model - software preparation options
  • Print supporting and orientation 
  • Proper washing and curing of prints 
  • Common failures and errors - what can you do to prevent/fix these
  • Regulatory requirements - the TGA and 3D printing 


Learning Objectives
  • To know what dental 3D printers are available in the Australian market and what to look for when purchasing one
  • To be confident in making an intraoral scan into a 3D printable object 
  • To be comfortable orientating 3D objects in nesting/slicing software and supporting them 
  • To be confident in cleaning and washing a print 
  • To be aware of the importance of validated workflows
  • To be able to identify causes of common print failures and know what to do when they inevitably happen



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