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  • Sale -$1,650.00 Exoplan (Surgical Guide by Exocad) Exoplan (Surgical Guide by Exocad)

    exocad Exoplan (Surgical Guide by Exocad)

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    This is a PRICE MATCH Product.  Call us if you have better price. We will challenge your price.      The price includes 1 exoplan with Guide Creator.  This is a yearly subscribed product, AUD 950+GST is annual update fee. (the price may differ due to foreign exchange rate.)    Exocad DentalCAD / ChairsideCAD / Exoplan-Powered by passion, executed in excellence.      Visualize, plan, create Sometimes, it's hard to know which new digital technology to choose in the world of dentistry. exocad's software has enabled tens of thousands of dental professionals worldwide to smoothly transition to digital production. We're proud of our customer satisfaction. Faster workflows, improved proficiency It's easy to use and to reach your high expectations Flexibility as you require it Reliability you can trust Independent & innovative Truly future-proof Mastering edentulous cases     Faster planning, fewer steps, more automation    EXOPLAN Brochure (Exocad Surgical Guide)    


  • Sale -$2,200.00 Sega Dental 3D Printer (World Fastest) Sega Dental 3D Printer (World Fastest)

    DentaFab Sega Dental 3D Printer (World Fastest)

        All your dental production at an outstanding Speed & Quality Ultra-Fast DLP technology for Dental production Perfect stick technology that does not require base Extreme accuracy and precision Very stable with over 99.9% success print ratio Lifetime manufacturer warranty 20,000 hours projector warranty Fast curing properties for fast printing in minutes!        Speed Matters Why Sega Dental 3D Printer is faster than others? Our Ultra-Fast DLP technology works faster than other equivalent technologies. In addition, the Sega 3D Printer performs curing with maximum efficiency. This allows the printer to produce at a faster speed. Furthermore the design of Sega 3D Printer was made for long-term stability for large production.   Stability and Accuracy with Extreme Speed     Surgical Precision       Perfect Stick Technology​      One Device for All Dental Applications Dental Study Models Digital Wax Ups Models with Dies Model with Aligners Crown-Bridge Application Laminated Application Metal Casting Production E-Max Press Production Produce Surgical Guide Monolithic Dentures Rapid Dentures Temporary Restorations    DentaSoft Software          Technical Specifications Printing Technology Fast DLPPrint Volume 12 cm x 6,8 cmZ Layer Thickness​ 50 / 30 / 15 micronPrint Speed 60 mm/hour at 50 micronProjector 385nm / 405nm optionsConnectivity 5GHz Wi-Fi - USB DrivePrinter Control 7" Touch-screenPrinter Dimensions 32,5 cm x 32,5 cm x 56 cmPrinter Weight 22 Kg       DentaFab 3D Printer & Resin Brochure                                     


  • Sale -$220.00 Creality HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer Creality HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer

    Creality Creality HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer

    Click Here for User Manual, Slicing Software and Firmware Update  Click here to see the post - Creality Halot-SKY Starting Guide   


  • Sale -$220.00 3D Printing Wash - Twin Tornado 3D Printing Wash - Twin Tornado

    Medifive 3D Printing Wash - Twin Tornado

      Twin Tornado 3D Printing Wash  Double Power Double EfficientFirst & Second Wash Process    Advantages Double performance (Two cleaning containers) Easy and straightforward user interface Flexible adjustment for your 3D printer's plates - mesh container or universal jig for plateTransparent plastic containers 3 Programmed mode - 3min, 5min, 10min    Specifications Color: Black Magnetic Spin Size: 25 x 25 x 35cm Universal jig: 18 x 9cm Weight: 3KG Power: 48W Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz Packing 1 x Main body 2 x Cleaning container 2 x Universal jig and mesh container  Tutorial Video - https://youtu.be/-Z3f0FeUrPACleaning tip Put the build plate of the 3D Printer to the tank Pour the IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to the build plate to soak Remove the printed models after wash from the build plate Maintenance tip When cleaning result is not good due to milky used IPA, pour out clear IPA to the another bottle when it is settled Clean the wash tank, fill with used IPA and top up with new IPA Exchange first tank and second tank  


  • Sale -$220.00Last stock! 3D Printing Cure - Twin Cure 3D Printing Cure - Twin Cure

    Medifive 3D Printing Cure - Twin Cure

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      Twin Cure 3D Printing Cure Stable and Fast Cure  Double Wavelength - 365 & 405nm      Advantages Double wavelength (365 & 405nm)  6 way light irradiation with 55 LED lamps Wide chamber (D14 x 10cm) Auto Turntable Adjustable time - 3min, 5min, 10minAdjustable power - low, medium, high     Specifications Color: Black Auto turntable Size: 25 x 25 x 25cm  Weight: 3KG Power: 65W Voltage: AC200-240V, 50/60Hz    Packing 1 x Main body 5 x LED array   2 x LED on the lid       

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  • Sale -$110.00 Creality UW-01 3D Print Wash & Cure Creality UW-01 3D Print Wash & Cure

    Creality Creality UW-01 3D Print Wash & Cure

         Dual-band UV light source Magnetic 360° rotatable platform Large-size washing container Adjustable three-gear speed 2-90min optional HD touch button Adjustable three-gear speed and 2-90min optional With three-gear speed mode, it includes washing and curing; The washing and curing time has 2-90min optional. Delicate models come from the curing and washing.   Strong Wash Mode Flexible wash method: The model can be washed separately in the washing basket or together with bottom plates. Large size sealed washing container (190x154x200mm): the UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine supports larger size models for cleaning; With a sealed container and lid, it avoids cleaning solution volatilization and also stores the cleaning solution for the repeated use. Self-adjustable bracket: The water level to wash the model depends on the washing container size and model size.   Cure Mode Double-row, and Double band UV lamp beads: With built-in LED beads(18 pieces of UV LED lights), the UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine is compatible with most resin printers; The double row 9-bead design with a higher irradiated area realizes quick curing and even irradiation for the larger model. 360° specular reflections curing rotating platform: 360° curing tray with magnetic force and reflective mirror make full use of the light source, which cures the model all the angle. Remove the machine core, stop working automatically: Once the machine cover is removed during the curing process, the UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine will immediately suspend the curing, which avoids light source glare and reduces light pollution. Parameters Model: UW-01 Machine: Washing and Curing Machine Control method: Touch button, LED indicator Rated power: 96W Input voltage: 24V Curing and washing time: 2-90min Washing size: 170(L)x 120(W)x 160(H)mm Air-drying and curing size: 225x225x370mm Package size: 298x297x505mm Machine weight: 6.5KG


  • Sale -$660.00 Flash Curing Device Otoflash G171 Flash Curing Device Otoflash G171

    NK Optik Flash Curing Device Otoflash G171

    Flash-Curing Device for Photopolymerisation Rapid and reliable curing of light-curable resins   Advantages  Two flashbulbs 10 very intensive light-flashes per second between 280-580nm Short curing times Polymerizes all light-curable materials Enables the production of lightcurable workpieces of different consistencies and pigmentation as well as the implementation of UV-lacquering 1 year warranty                      Specifications  Dimensions of polymerisation chamber: 120*120*50 (mm) Number of light sources: 2 flashbulbs à 100w Capacity: 4 BTE-aids or 6 ITE-aids Rated voltage: 100, 117, 230 volt AC, adjustable by switch Rated frequency: 50/60Hz Power input: 250watt Spectral distribution: 280-700 nm, maximum between 400 and 500nm Average flash power: 200watt Flash frequency: 10 flashes per second Digital timer: adjustable from 1 to 9.999 flashes Dimensions: 310*310*140 (mm) Weight: approx. 7kg        Click here to see the brochure.


  • Sale -$330.00 (3D Printer Bundle) HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer (3D Printer Bundle) HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer

    Creality (3D Printer Bundle) HALOT-SKY 4K 3D Printer

    Easy Start - 3D Print Bundle This 3D Printer bundle is recommended if you are after...  Quality model print option with reasonalble investment   Efficient mass production purpose (6-8 arches at one batch less than 1 hour)  Remove plaster area  This bundle includes 3D Priner, Wash/Cure Unit and 1L Model Resin. Please click the image to see details.                Creality Halot-SKY 3D Printer 4K (Largest) Creality Wash & Cure (UW-01) Model Resin x 1KG Remote Installation Support    *Limited stock only *Remote installation 


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