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  • VITA SMART.FIRE® - Ceramic Furnace (without vPad Controller) VITA SMART.FIRE® - Ceramic Furnace (without vPad Controller)

    VITA VITA SMART.FIRE® - Ceramic Furnace (without vPad Controller)

    VITA SMART.FIRE® VITA SMART.FIRE is a firing unit developed specifically for dental practices for the crystallization, glaze, stain, and corrective firing of all common chairside materials. Selecting the materials and starting the program are done in just one step.  Optimally, customized material-specific programs are already pre-installed for simple firing. Thanks to its compact design, the firing unit can be set up easily and saves space in every practice. Features/Benefits Intuitive use - material selection and program start in one step Organized menu navigation with self-explanatory program symbols Pre-installed programs for all common chairside materials Convenient use, thanks to its space-saving construction Reliable function through long-lasting firing technology Durable housing with sealed surfaces  Customization  Do you have an individual design request, or would you like to include your logo on the VITA SMART.FIRE?The customized option gives you the opportunity to create your own furnace. Accessories 2x platinum pins 1x Firing pad round (Ø 44 mm) 1x firing trays 1x firing pliers 1x cooling table Technical data Width: 230 mm Depth: 300 mm Height: 340 mm Weight: 13 kg Casing: Polyurethan Chamber diameter : 80 mm Chamber height: 43 mm Firing temp.: max. 1050°C Power supply: 230 volt AC, 50 Hz or 100/110 volt AC, 50/60 H Power consumption: 950 W (230 V), max. 1100 W (100 V, 110 V) Classification: Protection Class 1 Additional information Click here to see product details and download

    $7,920.00 - $9,600.00

  • Sale -$170.00 VITA vPad Excellence

    VITA VITA vPad Excellence

    VITA vPad Excellence The VITA vPad excellence is a state-of-the-art control unit that complies with all the international safety standards. Control unit for: VITA VACUMAT 6000 M VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS VITA ZYRCOMAT 6100 MS Hardware: Latest generation 10" touch display SD card reader for transferring photos Two USB ports for transferring data Individually adjustable stand for optimal work with the device 2 GB of storage for customer data (firing programs, photos, PDF files) Software: Operation of multiple furnaces Use a VITA vPad excellence and the VITA SWITCHBOX to operate up to four furnaces Guided initial setup When starting for the first time, you will be guided through the initial setup. Once complete, the VITA firing system is perfectly adapted to your needs (Product video see download area) Profile management Creation of up to 12 customized users Every user can be assigned a name, icon and color Customizable desktops Creation of up to 50 customized desktops per user with firing programs, photos and PDFs Every desktop can be assigned a name and a color Firing programs Pre-installed firing programs for VITA materials and the most common CAD/CAM materials Integrated working instructions for all VITA materials Create new firing programs or modify existing firing programs Digital assistance function If necessary, you can use the step-by-step instructions integrated in the software This supports you with features such as video and photo tutorials Saves all firing data for quality assurance The temperature gradient in the firing chamber is logged every time firing is carried out Logged data can be exported to a USB flash drive or forwarded online directly to the VITA service team  Data transfer Profiles, firing programs and device data can be transferred to other VITA vPad comfort/excellence units or to a PC Backup function for complete backup of all vPad data Technical data Width: 260 mm Depth: 150 mm Height: 200 mm Weight: 1,6 kg Casing: Plastic Chamber diameter : 80 mm Classification: Protection Class 1 Additional information Click here to see product details and download


  • Sale -$2,200.00 VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6100MS - Sinter Furnace (without vPad Controller) 40 mins Sinter

    VITA VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6100MS - Sinter Furnace (without vPad Controller) 40 mins Sinter

    VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6100 MS (40 min Sinter)  VITA ZYRCOMAT 6100 MS delivers the quality and reliability that you have come to expect from VITA. The sintering furnace offers a choice of three sintering modes: HighSpeed, conventional and user-defined, giving you flexibility at all times. Optimized for use with VITA materials, as well as with all commercially available ZrO2 and Al2O3 ceramic dental framework materials, this high-temperature sintering furnace sets the pace in terms of user orientation and ergonomics. An LED light bar and freely-adjustable acoustic alerts, reliably provide information on firing progress even across longer distances. The ventilation system is cleverly designed so that rising heat is safely routed away from the electronics, ensuring long-term protection of the heating and electronic elements. Features/Benefits Homogenous distribution of heat inside the sintering chamber Fully automatic calibration with guaranteed temperature accuracy (VITA Autoadjust) An extended service life and long-term energy-saving operation (VITA Energy Efficiency) Gentle sintering of all conventional materials such as white and highly-translucent industrially and manually pre-colored zirconia in all operating modes for consistent and convincing firing results HighSpeed sintering under 60 minutes (VITA HighSpeed) HighSpeed sintering of bridge frameworks with up to 14 units Sintering of all ceramic dental framework materials based on ZrO2 and Al2O3 Gentle, stress-free sintering in all modes through controlled cooling to 400°C Integrated low-temperature pre-drying (VITA PreDry) with a seamless transition to the sintering program Optional modular system upgrades for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness Sintering up to 80 units stacked in two levels Accessories (can be purchased separately): FDS program (Firing Data System) - PC software for administrating and archiving firing data 1 Switchbox (Prod. No. D65000) is required for multiple-furnace control with one VITA vPad control unit. The switchbox is suitable for connecting up to 4 furnaces Side panels in three different colors for customizing the VITA ZYRCOMAT 6100 MS Set of numbers (No. 1-4) Technical data Width: 315 mm Depth: 500 mm Height: 470 mm Weight: 27 kg (painted) Casing: painted anthracite finish Chamber diameter : 90 mm Chamber height: 70 mm Firing temp.: max. 1600°C Power supply: 230 volt AC, 50 Hz Power consumption: max. 1.5 kW Classification: Protection class 1 In order to operate the furnace, you will need the VITA vPad excellence control unit. Additional information Click here to see product details and download 


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