2024 ADX Promotion

 Meet the Future Technologies and Promotions! 

 ADX24 Promotion 



 Model Scanner - Freedom X5 

5 microns Accuracy
2 Years Warranty
 AUD 16,000+GST 





Perpetual Implant Bundle / AUD 11,000+GST
Perpetual Ultimate Bundle / AUD 16,999+GST
Perpetual Full Denture / AUD 2,280+GST
Stand Alone Full Denture inc. Ivotion Addon / AUD 2,850+GST
Stand Alone Partial CAD / AUD 2,280+GST
Stand Alone Model Creator / AUD 1,900+GST




 All-in-One Milling Machine - DOF CRAFT5X 

 AUD 75,000+GST 
Plus Titanium Bar Milling Template + Credit AUD 3K




 40 Minutes Zirconia Solution 

 AUD 23,000+GST 
+ 10 PCS of Everest UVS Zirconia 




 Milling Materials Up to 30% Discount 

Zirconia 30% Discount 
Graphene Nano Reinforcement G-CAM 10% Discount
VITA Vionic Dent 10% Discount
VITA Enamic 20% Discount
VITA Polishing Kit 10% Discount
VITA Stain&Glaze Kit 10% Discount
Rosetta Lithium Disilicate 15% Discount




 All-On-X Material Special 

Everest Multilayer PT
30% Discount 

Graphene Nano Reinforced Permanent
10% Discount 

Zirconia Fused Materials for High Impact
Rodin3D Titan
10% Discount 




 Ackuretta 3D Printer Chairside Solution 

 AUD 13,500+GST 
Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer including the Concierge Service and 2 Year Warranty
Cleani - Washer with two tanks
Curie - Versatile UV Curing Oven
Alpha Slicing Software
Pac-Dent Rodin resin x 1 (Choose one!)
Remote installation
Ongoing training until you utilize the Ackuretta solution 100%
Hot Swap if anything happens
Free Study Group (The Bread & Butter Digital Dentistry - B2D2) for a year! 




 Rodin3D Resin 

High Impact & High Strength
10% Discount for All Rodin3D Resin!




 KOMAX All-in-One Dust Extractor 

AUD 2,500+GST
+ FREE One Filter Set




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 Meet the Future Technologies and Promotions! 




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